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  • ORANGE MANGO: Orange flavor with a hint of mango
  • NATURAL PERFORMANCE ENERGY: Formulated with progressive ingredients from natural sources, green coffee, Yerba Mate, coffee fruit, and guarana.
  • PLANT-BASED CAFFEINE AND THERMOGENICS: To help boost your metabolism.
  • OCEAN MINERAL ELECTROLYTES: To improve hydration, nine essential amino acids to boost performance, and BCAA’s.
  • GUILT FREE: Zero sugar, zero artificial flavors, zero artificial colors, and no chemical preservatives.

ACCELERATOR is A SHOC’s progressive energy drink formulated specifically to meet the demands of your modern real-life active and healthy routine. ACCELERATOR innovation lives in the proprietary blend of plant-based thermogenics that accelerate your metabolism – Naturally working with your body to create energy when you need it. All ACCELERATOR products utilize A SHOC’s natural energy ingredients with plant-based caffeine to increase endurance, ocean mineral electrolytes to improve hydration, zero sugar and zero chemical preservatives – Energy from progressive natural sources like green coffee, Yerba Mate, coffee fruit, and guarana. A SHOC’s energy drinks are fueled by progressive natural ingredients and inspired by the active California lifestyle for those rising to reach their peak and set new standards in their lives. A SHOC Accelerator products are conveniently in a wide range of refreshing flavors keep you charged and activate natural energy for your workout, functional training at the gym or a needed boost to conquer the day.

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