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  • Listening Length 3 hours and 4 minutes
  • Author Charles Edwards
  • Narrator Richard Barrett
  • Release Date August 01, 2020
  • Publisher Charlie Creative Lab Ltd.
  • Program Type Audiobook
  • Version Unabridged
  • Language English
  • Best Sellers Rank #250,696 in Audible Books & Originals (See Top 100 in Audible Books & Originals) #1,324 in Marketing (Audible Books & Originals) #3,127 in Small Business & Entrepreneurship #4,858 in Systems & Planning

Do you want to learn the top affiliate marketing secrets for success? If yes, then keep reading….

If you are considering a passive income stream, one great way to do this goal is through Affiliate Marketing. The mentality behind affiliate marketing is that you promote someone else’s products or services using an affiliate network. In turn if any products are purchased based on your marketing.

This audiobook covers the following topics:

Information on affiliate marketing Give you the correct mindset for affiliate marketing Insights on the top affiliate networks Ads and copywriting Information on tracking tools, spy tools, and SEO And so much more!

Driving traffic is essential to the success of your affiliate marketing plan. If you do not have traffic, you can’t sell the products, so sales and traffic go hand in hand. When you are new to affiliate marketing it can seem overwhelming to think about getting traffic, long established sites seem to have a lot of it, and it can seem like you will never get there. The good news is that if you break down getting traffic into easy steps just like the other strategies we have covered, you will find that it is easy.

Anyways I can go on and on talking about Affiliate Marketing but it is best if you learn for yourself by buying this book. Learn with us so that we can help you with your problem.

Let’s get started. Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button to get your copy now!

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