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  • Try adding these delicious walnuts as topping on yogurt, cereal, salads, in a healthy trail mix, or bake them in mouth watering cookies, brownies, or practically any dessert
  • Healthy Snack: High in Omega-3, Nutritious and crunchy
  • Nutritious Raw Nuts: All natural taste. The best way to stop food cravings
  • Great for a healthy diet: Our delicious walnuts are heart healthy suitable for many diet types,
  • You can eat them straight out the bag, take it to work, pack it for the kids for school or even right after a good workout. Our walnuts won’t disappoint you.
  • You will always enjoy our fresh, crunchy and delicious walnuts

American Best Food Walnuts are great source of Omega-3, protein and Vitamin E. Our walnuts are very fresh and heart-healthy. American Best Food Walnuts are great for cooking, baking, adding it to your salad or topping on yogurt or just to snack on. The possibilities are endless. American Best food Walnuts bring the crunch to your favorite dishes. It is crunchy, delicious and just the right amount of tenderness.

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