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  • SUPER SCRATCH RESISTANT: 9H High hardness. Effectively avoid the glass panel from being broken and scattered due to accidental impact on the screen, beware accidental scratches and ensure the safety of users. At the same time, appropriately lessen fingerprints, keep the screen beautiful.
  • MULTIPLE LAYERS OF PROTECTION: Our Tempered film specially designed for the 2021 F-150 screen protective film,made of high quality tempered glass screen protector materials with multiple protective layers, continuously and effectively protect your screen from damage.
  • HIGH DEFINITION AND HIGH SENSITIVITY:HD transmission of light, super maintain the degree of color restoration, enjoy the HD experience,The protector won’t decrease the visibility of the screen,Thickness 0.2 -0.33mm makes your screen smooth and clear.
  • 2.5D ARC EDGE: Our glass films all use 2.5D arc edge technology, and the edges are glossy and silky to the touch.Rounded arc edge, sealing and covering is not easy to enter dust.
  • EASY TO USE:The product is light and thin, automatic adsorption,and it is convenient to touch and fits perfectly with the screen, easy to discharge air bubbles,anyone can stick it.

Why choose our tempered film?

1. Our tempered film is easy to install.

2. AF vacuum electroplating treatment,Sensitive and smooth touch.

3. Multi-layer protective material.

4. Easily resist daily scratching.

5. High-definition and translucent, restore the true color.

6. Not easy to break and more durable.

7.Authoritative certification,high quality.

8.Exquisite packaging

Useful sticker tool

We must be serious about doing navigation film

Why do you you need a tempered film?

1.Easy to rub the screen in daily use, resulting in wear and tear,affect the use of daily.

2.Finger friction scratch screen poor touch screen.

No protection

3.Collision can easily break the bare screen.

Affect the appearance

4.Fingerprints are oiled and scratched, causing the screen to be blurred.

Package Included:

1 X Navigation Screen Protector

1x Installation Tool Kits (Wet wipe paper*1 Dust removal sticker*1 Positioning Labels*2)

1x User’s Guide

Installation Steps:

1.Compare the protector with your navigation screen

2.Clean the screen: Open the tool kits,Use the wet wipe to clean firstly,then use the micro fiber cloth to clean again.

2.Use the dust removal sticker to eliminate the surface dust to ensure the screen totally clean.

3.Use the positioning labels to align the protector on the screen. Ensure that the position of the protector is correct.

4.Tear off the back of the protective film clockwise, gently use the micro fiber cloth to clean the screen,then install swipe from the center of the screen and wait for the protector to adsorb automatically.

5.Use the micro fiber cloth to clean the screen ,then install finished.


If you have any questions after receiving the package, please contact us in time. We will solve your problem at any time.


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