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  • 【Wireless Microphones For You】:This Wireless Lavalier Microphone is Designed for YouTube/Facebook Live Stream, TikTok Creators, Vloggers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Interviewers, and other Video Recording Lovers. Plug and Play, Just Only need to Plug the Receiver into the Device, Turn on the Power of the Transmitter, It can Automatically Connect, No need for the App and Bluetooth Connection, and The Connection Distance Reaches 60ft.
  • 【Lavalier Microphone With Professional Recording Effect】: Using Professional and Lossless Audio Codec Chip Design, Sampling Rate Up to 48Kb, Sampling Accuracy 24bit, Lossless Sound Processing. Cooperate with Hardware Noise Reduction Algorithm to Effectively Eliminate Environmental Noise. Make sure the Recording is Clear and Noise-Free. Especially born for the Ultimate Recording.
  • 【Mini Microphone with Recording Volume Adjustment & Real-time Monitoring 】: Different from Others, You can Adjust the Recording Volume Sensitivity Through the Volume Up and Down Buttons, and Support Up to 8 Levels of Adjustment. It is Convenient for the User to Adjust the Recording Effect According to the Environment to Achieve the Ideal State. and You can Monitor the Recording Effect in Real-Time through the Built-In Real-Time Recording Monitoring Module to Avoiding Blind Catalog Rework.
  • 【Recording BIdirectional Audio Transmission】: Different from Other Lapel Microphone. It Adopts Dual-Channel Audio Transmission, Which can Transmit the Recording to the Device or Output the Sound of the Device to the Recording Device. Wear the Earphone to hear the Sound of the Device, which is Convenient for Users to Live Stream Interactive from Others
  • 【Widely Compatible Clip On Microphone】: Wireless Lavalier Microphone use a Unique Driver Design is Compatible with a variety of Mobile Devices, Including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows Notebooks, ios Mac notebooks, etc. and We have built a Special After-Sales system for Product After-Sales Support, You can find the Answer to Any Question in Real Time.

GreenByte wireless microphone for android phone

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