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  • Looking for a non-alcoholic mixer to mix it up in your cocktail shaker? We have you covered! Mockly is on a mission to liberate spirited drinkers from the dull and lifeless world of booze-free beverages.
  • The rose and blueberry pairing of our Baron Von Blue mocktail is perfectly bittersweet. The subtle mint notes provide a lift that complements the light effervescent finish. Whether you drink it alone, serve it over ice, or add it as the newest mixer in your cocktail kit, this alcohol-free drink mixer will have you feeling like royalty!
  • Whether you’re sober, sober curious, pacing yourself or living your at-home mixology dream life, Mockly is for flavor lovers who know how to have a good time no matter what’s in their cup.
  • Every Mockly cocktail mixer is made with high quality ingredients that are masterfully concocted by a leading New Orleans mixologist. All Mockly mocktails are gluten free, non-GMO, caffeine free and have no preservatives or artificial ingredients. And, oh ya, they’re all alcohol-free, of course.
  • Taste the difference. Mockly cocktail mixers are the best alcohol-free ingredient to hit your cocktail shaker since the ice. Keep it booze-free or make it hard and add it to your favorite alcohol. Either way, Mockly will help you keep the party going!

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