The body count begins.

Grimnox Productions is excited to bring you the My Special Boy: A Friday the 13th Fan film post-production campaign! 

Sean Orton returns to Camp Crystal Lake with a dark history. Despite warning, he attempts to save his family name by reopening it as Camp Trinity Pointe. He gathers a group of friends to help rebuild the camp and prevent another tragedy from happening, but there is an evil that haunts the camp and is seeking revenge.

If you don’t see a suitable perk for you, another way to help is to spread the word! Follow, like, comment, and share our social media with your friends and family! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Here is the link

My Special Boy is in no way affiliated to nor represented by Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Platinum Dunes, or any other organization(s) associated with the Friday The 13th franchise.

Due to the unavoidable expenses of independent film production, coupled with a desire to do justice to such a prominent franchise, we are compelled to partner with fans to aid in this film’s funding.

This is a non-profit fan film fostered by inspiration, love, and passion for a franchise that is arguably one of the most successful horror franchises to date.

Visit this campaign here

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