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  • DELICIOUS SEALED IN FLAVOR: Choose your favorite flavor of Nature’s Juice Bar – America’s only bar wrapped in a battle-tested, proprietary tasty wafer to seal in moisture for a more flavorful, chewy bar that is never dry or crumbly. Our nutritious wafer also tastes great. Dark Chocolate breakfast bars stay fresh for up to 24 months.
  • PLANT BASED SNACKS: Vegetarian Dark Chocolate protein bars are made with all natural dried dates and raisins paired with high-quality dark chocolate. Each emergency ration bar is packed with nutrition and flavor, layered in with a delicious wafer. Our wafer-lined healthy snack bars are perfect for camping, hiking, an emergency office snack, or energy for exercising.
  • READY FOR ANY SITUATION: Shelf-stable for long-term storage with a 24-month shelf life. Our meal replacement bars make a great non-perishable addition to survival food supply kits for emergency disaster preparedness meals, lifeboat rations. Individually wrapped in waterproof packaging, these healthy snacks stay soft in freezing temperatures.
  • EASILY REFUEL ON THE GO: Whether you need to refuel on a mountain backpacking trip or simply need an on-the-go option, pack Nature’s Juice Bar emergency food bars for a sweet flavorful boost of energy and protein. Contains life-sustaining nutrients such as iron, potassium, and fiber wrapped in a non sticky, mess-free wafer.
  • PRESERVATIVE FREE: Each survival meal bar is made with real, non-GMO vegan ingredients. Thanks to our proprietary wafer, it’s additive free with no fillers: no additives, no preservatives, and no trans fats. The individually wrapped snacks are also gluten-free.

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