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  • Organic Siberian Pine Nuts Flakes. European Organic Certificate. High-quality nutritional supplement to any meal! Wild harvested. Does not contain GMO, sugar, preservatives, chemical colorants or additives.
  • Flakes have of milk color, obtained from pine nuts as a result of oil pressing by cold pressing. There are many recipes for the use of Pine Nuts Flakes in a healthy diet, but it is possible to invent new ones all by yourself. Pine Nuts Flakes is combined with many products. Most often it is used in ground form – this is Pine Nuts Flour. For the preparation of Pine Nuts Flour suitable conventional blender. So it will be more convenient to use at home.
  • Aromatic additive comes into porridge, soup, sauces, pastries, a variety of desserts. Used in cooking as an ingredient in muesli and salads, the basis for protein bars and cocktails. The nutty flavor refines various dishes, and the nutty component makes the food very healthy.
  • “Siberian Green Food” is our family business, which delivers to the door of our customers the freshest and highest quality organic wild products from Siberia. Our mission is to make these amazing, wild foods available to everyone at the lowest prices, so that together we do everything possible to reduce meat consumption and save the lives of an increasing number of animals, birds and fish.

These organic pine nuts flakes are irreplaceable in the diet of pregnant and nursing mothers, vegetarians and athletes.This product is with a high content of easily digestible protein (up to 30%), contains essential amino acids and fiber. After pressing the nuts by cold pressing, the flakes contains 14% cedar oil. In order that the food is not turned into fat – we need vitamin E, which can be added in the form of flakes. It is enough to add three teaspoons of flakes to any dish, but only after taking a sufficient amount of liquid. In the morning, make a cedar cocktail, in which you can cut an apple, and also add a handful of sesame seeds, for example, to increase calcium. This is very useful not only for athletes, but for everyone watching their weight and the harmony of its shape.

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