Flare Tokens are PipeFlare’s native currency.

There are several ways to earn more tokens:

Using the Faucet
You can claim FLR for free, every 36 hours, using the PipeFlare Crypto Faucet. Just create an account, head over to your daily rewards page, and scroll down to the FLR section.

Anyone can earn Flare Tokens while playing at PipeFlare’s arcades. There are currently 4 games that give chip rewards, and these include BeatBox, FlareJump, PVP Tank Battle, and FlareHit.

You can earn more Flares Tokens by participating in free Airdrops.

Purchase / Sale / Exchange of Tokens
They are now live to buy/sell/exchange your Flare Tokens.

PipeFlare is giving away completely free 1FLR, ZEC and Matic cryptocurrency. There’s no download necessary and claiming is fast and simple. Funds are limited so get yours today.

Sign up here https://pipeflare.io/r/1ynf

International Star Registry
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