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  • 【NON-STICK】The overall design of this pizza peel allows you to transfer latticed pie crusts, bread, and pizzas without damaging their genuine shape. So, even if you are not a professional baker, this non-stick pizza peel can help you to be one
  • 【EASY GRIP HANDLE】The handle of this pizza peel is made with a combined alloy and silicone. This gives you maximum control to remove and load pizzas. The handle is long enough to protect your hands from the heat of the oven
  • 【PERFORATED BLADE】One best feature of this pizza peel is its perforated blade that releases excess flour from the dough, which helps in preventing burnt crusts. It is also helpful to minimize friction to have a safe loading and removal of pizza
  • 【BENEFITS】Unlike other pizza peelers, this one is stain- and warping resistant, washable, and dishwasher safe. The pizza peeler is also equipped with sturdy materials, making it a long-lasting piece of equipment in your kitchen
  • 【WIDE BASE】What you will love about this pizza peeler is that it is broad enough to hold any size of pizzas, measuring 12”x28”. Aside from being wide, it is also thin enough to slide between the baking stone and pizza crust smoothly

There’s no doubt that transferring a thin crust of pizza from a hot oven is a little bit tricky. Thus, you will need a pizza peeler that is made from high-quality material that can resist heat. Luckily, this Pizza Peeler 14 Inch is durable enough to withstand the extreme heat of the oven. It has a long handle that will allow you to get a pizza dough in and out of a hot oven risk-free. The handle also features a hole at its end so that you can hang it for more convenient storage. Aside from having a longer handle, this pizza peeler is also equipped with an insulated silicone jacket that will keep your hands away from the hot surfaces of the oven. This 100% aluminum peel works as your extended arm to properly peel the pizza crust from the hot surface. As it is made with aluminum, you can ensure that it is super sturdy. One of the best things about this pizza peeler is that it features a non-stick design. This enables you to transfer your delicate pizzas to and from the oven without stretching the dough. This item is also dishwasher safe. To keep the product looking brand new and functional, it is recommended to use soapy and warm water in cleaning the pizza peeler. Use a soft sponge and carefully scrape off excess crumbs or food from the peel. So, whether you are an aspiring professional pizza maker who prepares pizzas almost every week for the family, this pizza peeler 14 inches could be the best kitchen tool you should have.

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