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  • Glass Noodles have a slight chewy and slippery texture. It absorbs the flavor of sauces or gravy, making it ideal for stir fries, soups or salads
  • Sempio gluten-free glass noodles are made from sweet potato and tapioca starch and are semi-translucent when dry. When cooked, they become translucently glass-like and are for the most part flavorless.
  • Sempio gluten-free glass noodles noodles are dried for 24 hours via hot air convection drying, a process very similar to a natural drying environment, allowing the noodles to dry evenly. They do not easily get mushy, soggy, or sticky and maintain their springy texture longer, and don’t stick to each other when cooked.
  • Perfect for making Japchae or dumplings, or as a complement to stews, soups, or braised chicken.
  • No artificial colors, No preservatives. Gluten-free.
  • Product of Korea

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