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  • 1 Bottle of Sweet Heat Bar-B-Que Sauce (12 oz) ~ 1st Place World Hot Sauce Award ~ Thick and Tangy, Sweet with a little kick, this Datil BBQ Sauce is crafted from fresh Datil Peppers from St. Augustine, Florida. If you want a thick and tangy sauce that sticks to ribs and chicken when grilling, this is the sauce for you. Sweet Heat Bar-B-Que Sauce is the perfect party pleaser – not too spicy, not too sweet – and just the right amount of tanginess. Heat level: 3/10
  • 1 Bottle of Fountain of Youth Datil Marinade (12 oz) ~ 2018 International Flavor Awards Winner ~ 2018 & 2019 World Hot Sauce Awards Winner ~ Made with fresh Datil Peppers from St. Augustine, FL. Datil Peppers bring new life to beef, chicken, fish, and pork. Anything you marinate comes alive with the exotic flavor of Datil Peppers, blended spices, and 6 Fresh From Florida Fruits including: Raisins, Orange, Mango, White Grapefruit, Key Lime, and Pineapple. Heat level: 2/10
  • 1 Bottle of Snake Bite Datil Pepper Hot Sauce (5 oz) ~ Scovie Award Winner ~ International Flavor Award Winner ~ Our best selling product. Snake Bite is hand-crafted using fresh local Datil Peppers from St. Augustine, Florida. Makes an excellent wing sauce. It will be your go-to table sauce. The kick of Fresh Datil Peppers without being overwhelmingly hot. Snake Bite imparts the true flavor of the Datil Pepper and is a super versatile product to use on just about everything. Heat level 4/10

Want some quick and easy recipes?

Sweet Heat Bar-B-Que Sauce – Baste on chicken, ribs or pork chops during the last 30 minutes of cooking for a sweet, tasty glaze with just a hint of heat. Pour over meatballs or cocktail sausages in a crockpot for an easy crowd-pleasing appetizer. Perfect out of the bottle as a dip for chicken tenders or French fries.

Fountain of Youth Datil Marinade – Use to marinade any combination of meats and vegetables before grilling. Great as a salad dressing on green salads. Love marinated mushrooms? Place mushrooms in a clean jar or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Pour Fountain Of Youth Datil Marinade in to cover the mushrooms completely and let sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Snake Bite Datil Pepper Hot Sauce – Mix Snake Bite with either mayonnaise or ketchup along with a little horseradish to make a sensational seafood dip. How about adding a splash of Snake Bite to your Bloody Mary? Mix a drop or two with butter and pour over popcorn to add some sizzle to your movies. Use as a delicious wing sauce.

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