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  • 100 percent ORGANIC LOW CARB – NON-GMO, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO PESTICIDES, NO SUGAR, LOW GLUTEN, and CHEMICAL FREE VEGAN Pasta. Finest 100 percent Ancient Sicilian Grain used to craft this pasta. Life is too short for boring food
  • MADE IN ITALY WITH LOVE – It’s made in small batches from organic stone grime flour on the Family owned Sicilian farm and Imported to the USA. We are very proud of this pasta. Durum Semi Whole Wheat Contains the Most Protein of Any Type of Wheat.
  • GREAT SHAPE KEEP THE SAUCE – This Pasta was made with very small ridges and notches that were hidden from the eyes to save the appearance and keep the sauce at the same time. Natural Al Dente texture helps to absorb the sauce and keeping it for a long time for a best taste.
  • NATURAL-SWEETNESS – NO Sugar Added Pasta. The natural sweetness of an Ancient Grain Gives the Pasta a Flavor and Texture as You’ve Never Tasted Before. ORDER NOW TO TASTE IT!
  • BEST QUALITY – TERRE E TRADIZIONI is a small, family brand. Because of this, we have the advantage of being able to attend to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction. We are always available for any questions, for a chat, or even to go over a recipe with you!
  • Ingredients: Organic Semi-Whole Durum Wheat Semolina
  • Unit count type: Ounce

Our Organic BUSIATE is made in Italy at a family-owned traditional Pastificio dedicated to making only the highest quality pasta. Made with 100% organic durum wheat, our Ancient Grain RUSSELLO pasta is the perfect base for any dish. BUSIATE is one of the most popular pasta shapes in Sicily. This pasta holds up perfectly in tomato sauces or vegetable pestos.

International Star Registry
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