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  • ZERO CALORIE FLAVORED WATER: Refresh your thirst with VOSS flavored sparkling water – the most flavorful sparkling around. Sugar free, unsweetened and created with natural flavors, this fruit infused flavored sparkling water is also calorie-free.
  • REFRESHING FIZZ: The perfect way to keep your sparkling water’s fizz fresh, VOSS flavored sparkling water comes in aluminum cans, ideal for stacking in the refrigerator.
  • IT’S WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE: VOSS sparkling water is the most flavorful sparkling around , paired with natural flavors for a refreshing taste experience
  • HYDRATION ON THE GO: Convenient slim cans allow you to enjoy the taste of VOSS wherever you go. The compact design is ideal for purses, backpacks and glove boxes, the slim cans are also great poolside or on the beach.
  • 24 Can MULTI-PACK: This pack of 24 is perfect for staying well stocked at home, or keeping the office hydrated with delicious, natural fruit infused drinking water.

Our lime mint infused sparkling tastes like summer… Tart lime flavor cut with refreshing mint will take you away to your warm weather utopia. Guilt-free flavor meant to enjoy all year long with no calories, sugar, artificial ingredients or sweeteners. (It also works great as a mixer for a mean skinny mojito!). VOSS sparkling water is the most flavorful sparkling around combining natural fruit flavors with pure carbonated water. Recognized as one of the world’s purest bottled waters, VOSS premium water is served on the tables of the most discerning consumers, in the rooms of the top hotels, and at the finest restaurants. These VOSS aluminum cans are compact, convenient and great for those on the go. The grab-and-go cans deliver unique fruit flavored pairing for hydration at home, commuting or in the office. The recyclable aluminum can allows you to enjoy your VOSS flavored sparkling water anytime, anywhere – even at the beach or poolside. Born of Norway, VOSS is pure water from pure sources, delivered in an iconic bottle. Pushing the boundaries beyond hydration, VOSS devlivers premium still, sparkling flavored and enhanced bottled water offerings all with the same quality, purity and refreshing taste.

International Star Registry
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